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4 Reasons You Should Install a Borehole on Your Property

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The average Australian household uses the majority of their water outside, with the majority of that spent watering gardens and lawns. With water prices constantly increasing, many people are now turning to bore water drilling to feed their outdoor plants. Bore water drilling is usually a relatively simple, cheap and short process, normally taking no more than two days. The use of bore water is gaining popularity for many logical reasons. So, what are these reasons? Why should you get a borehole?

You'll Save Money

Treated water is expensive due to a long and complex process. It's a waste to give water treated for humans to plants. At the moment, bore water is free to use and untaxed in Australia. Because of this, most people who get a bore will have savings on their water bill equivalent to what money they spent on that bore within a year.

You Can Forget Watering Restrictions

Many urban areas have days on which watering your lawn or garden can get you a fine.  If you use bore water, you're exempt from these restrictions. Being exempt from these restrictions will let you water more often and likely increase the health of your garden and lawn, especially in the warmer seasons.

You'll Help Save the Environment

Large amounts of energy and chemicals are usually needed to make drinking water. The use of said chemicals and energy undoubtedly has a negative effect of the environment. Why waste this valuable water on plants when you can use bore water? Plants are hardy and will often be more than fine with being watered using bore water. Also, with its high nutrient and mineral content, bore water may actually increase the quality of your soil.

You'll Increase Your Property's Value

Having a borehole will, without a doubt, increase the value of your property. A borehole won't look ugly, and they are small and can easily be installed in a corner of your garden or tucked behind some bushes. Boreholes also generally come with a warranty and won't leave any permanent damage if you decide to fill them in.

Bore water drilling doesn't only save people money, but also saves their garden, increases their property value, and decrease their personal impact on the environment. Now you know a few reasons to get a borehole dug, your decision should be a lot easier to make.

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