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Synthetic Turf – Why The Natural Turf Alternative Speaks For Itself

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Synthetic turf has become increasingly popular across the country and is now found in many homes, schools and sporting arenas.  If you are considering a synthetic variety over natural turf, it is well worth considering the pros and cons of this artificial grass so that you know you are making a well-informed decision.

Pros of laying synthetic turf

A good quality artificial lawn like those from Synturf Pty Ltd not only has the appearance of the real deal, but also boasts a number of positive features and is very cost effective in the long run.

  • Low maintenance: It is no surprise that it is less time consuming to care for synthetic turf compared to real grass.  There is still the need to vacuum or sweep it to clear fallen leaves and repair patches overtime, however you'll have lots of free time up your sleeves to dedicate to another area of your garden.
  • No need to fertilise: There is no need to add nutrients to your lawn annually to ensure it thrives during the hot summer months.
  • Weed free: Say goodbye pesticides and weed treatments as these will be a thing of the past.
  • Water savings:  Your water bill will speak for itself.
  • Allergies: If you or anyone in your home suffers from grass or insect allergies, synthetic turf can be great way to eliminate some of the problem.
  • All locations: Artificial lawn can be installed in almost all locations and there is no need to be concerned with the amount of sunshine or shade it will get or the type of soil you have. 

The downsides to synthetic turf

There are always some less than positive aspects to consider when it comes to looking into something new and artificial lawn is not immune to them. 

  • Cost:  Artificial lawn does come with a relatively large price tag compared to natural grass however this is an initial outlay only.
  • Temperature: Whilst your lawn can be placed in all locations regardless of temperature, it is important to note that some varieties can actually absorb heat so it may be a little warm under your feet with the heat of the summer hits.
  • Long term commitment:  When you install synthetic turf, any natural grass that it replaces is killed off entirely. Any living organisms in the subsoil also disappear making it almost impossible, without years of soil treatments, to grow anything but artificial grass on that surface.
  • Comfort: Artificial grass is typically not as soft as natural lawn, it is plastic after all, however a good quality option will go close.
  • Life: Synthetic turf generally has a 15 year life span before it needs to be replaced.  Some may consider this long enough and therefore look at this fact as a pro, not a con.  It all depends on your own perspective.

If your great Australian dream is to have a lush green lawn and you love the positives that artificial turf offers, take the time to look into it further and hire a professional synthetic turf manufacturer to provide you with a good quality lawn. Superior artificial turf is a must so that it is pleasant on the eye and looks like a perfect well-kept natural lawn. If you are looking for a natural turf alternative, artificial grass really has come a long way since it was first developed and is well worth a second look.